Men's Guide to Wearing Bracelets: When & How to Wear Men's Bracelets

Jewelry, as a whole, has been dominated up to this point by women. So it’s not surprising that the thought of bracelets or other fashion accessories are commonly associated with women. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can create some hesitation for men aspiring to accessorize.

So is it possible for men to wear bracelets and feel confident and masculine? Absolutely.

As the market has recognized a gap in the supply of men’s jewelry and accessories, more companies, like Brace Humanity, are creating products for men. This has started the trend and it is becoming increasing more popular for men to wear bracelets and sport other accessories.

Similar to cuff links, bracelets aren’t a focal piece, but rather an accent or compliment to your outfit.

Bracelets can be worn for all occasions and with all types of attire. Just like matching a shirt with your pants, choosing the right bracelet is essential in creating a cohesive look.

When sporting a casual look, we recommend our Braided Rope Bracelets. The rope texture and various colors provide some interesting elements and accents to a toned down look.

For an elegant evening or a business meeting, we recommend our Napa Leather Bracelets. With clean lines and undeniable elegance, it will be sure to provide a nice touch.

And for our business casual men, check out our Stingray Bracelets. They are extremely versatile and can fit nearly any outfit.

Feel free to experiment with our Single Tour and Double Tour variations.