What Makes Brace Humanity Different? - The Best Quality Mens Bracelets

As a consumer, you have tons of options. So when it comes to bracelets, why choose Brace Humanity?

A quick search may lead you to some products that claim to be similar to those that we offer. However, there is so much more to it.

We put our heart and soul into our collections and the services we offer.

We start by scouring the world for the best materials. We source our napa leather from its roots in Germany and our stingray shagreen from the coasts of South Asia. These materials significantly effect the feel, durability, vibrance and longevity of each piece. This allows our customers to appreciate their purchase for years to come while others show signs of wear within only a few short weeks.

We then pair our materials with our patented custom hardware. Our Brace Humanity clasps, also available in a fluted variation, is simple and elegant yet functional. The clasp is solid without any mechanisms that commonly fail in other clasps such as lobster clasps, which you find in many bracelets and necklaces.

Although sourced from around the world, all of our bracelets are assembled by hand in New York. From raw materials to the final product, each piece is highly scrutinized to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Still unsure about our commitment to quality and customer service? We offer free shipping and free returns. See the difference for yourself.